Primary Aggregate

Due to the specific geology in areas of the United Kingdom different types of hard stone are more ecconomically viable in some areas than others. London Rock can advise you of which materials naturally occur in which areas.

Primary aggregates and stone are supplied to Highway Works Specification.

Recycled Aggregate

With the capability to supply in excess of 10,000 tonnes of recycled material per day, London Rock has built a reputation for flexibility and reliability in a demanding marketplace.

Landscaping Soils

London Rock are suppliers of soils to BS3882 certification, chemically inert and suitable for domestic gardens.

It is essential that topsoil is sourced from 'clean' environments to remove the risk of contamination from debris or disease.

London Rock supplies all topsoils and composts from trusted sources of 'as dug' soil to ensure the highest quality is supplied. Specialist grades and blends of topsoil and compost are supplied on request.

Subsoils are available from London Rock to specification. With access to manufactured soils using sand and green waste, London Rock can supply with confidence any specification as required.