SEPTEMBER 2017: The planning application, together with the Environmental Statement – that will take into account all the likely significant effects and mitigation identified in the Environmental Impact Assessment – have now been submitted to Nottinghamshire County Council and have been validated by the planning department.

The reference number is ES/3712 and the link to the planning portal is

London Rock Supplies Limited and Greenfield Associates hosted two successful public consultation exhibitions at Barton in Fabis and Clifton Village, to present the proposals to develop a new quarry on land at Mill Hill and Barton in Fabis.

Simon Rees, of Greenfield Associates felt the exhibition was a very worthwhile part of the public consultation process and stated; "While we recognise that some people don’t really like the idea of a quarry in their neighbourhood, it was extremely helpful to be able to talk to local people face to face – and deal directly with some of the misconceptions about the proposed new quarry."

"The exhibition also gave us the opportunity to take feedback on some of the areas of local concern, which we may otherwise not have appreciated."

The 12 exhibition panels can be viewed via the following link:

A Non Technical Summary has been produced, together with a video of the proposed development which is available on the web site.

Nottinghamshire County Council will then carry out its own consultation and the local community will have further opportunity to comment.